Letter Helper - Free Cheats For Letterpress App Reviews

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Really good

good when it works... currently i cant shake this error "error reading board"... when will this be fixed? im using on iPhone 4...

Needs a bug fix. Error every time it try's to load words from screen shot. Day 3 of problem.

Loved it before problem. Helped start my games. Will give a 5 after fixed.


Dose not work on iphone 4.. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!! It kept on telling me error. I would give them zero stars but of course you have to give them one.

Stopped working

Was working...now thinks there are "O"s where there are "D"s Therefore useless App support leads to a blank white page

So dumb...

Don't download... Rotates screenshots then can't read them... What a waste of time!


Not free

NOT FREE - it costs two bucks.

This works well. But it is NOT free. False advertising = NO stars. True advertising = Five stars.

I like the new iPad version

This app makes me unbeatable with the highest scoring words in every scenario. Plus I don't even have to change my theme to use it.

My wife has no idea

I just beat my wife 25-0 and she had no idea. This thing is awesome.

I cannot be beat!.. Thanks to letterhelper.

I am a huge fan of this app!! Love that it tracks points for your next play. No other letterpress help app comes even close to comparing. Now, I cannot be beat!

Letterpress is now my fav game of all time

Astonishingly amazing! I retrieved every word with its scoring on my board in seconds. Literally! I feel foolish for trying the other letterpress cheat/help apps. Also, for beginners. This vastly helped my friends learn how to play.

Love it!

Super clever and easy to use!

Never gonna lose!

So easy to import Letterpress game. Just played a word worth +10 / -10. Awesome!

Works with the Dark Themes!

Haven't lost a game since I used this app. The scoring system works! Also the ability to review old games is helpful.

Works as advertised, better than the rest

The ability to upload a screenshot and have the app analyze and spit out the words is AMAZING. The other apps make you remember 25 letters and switch back and forth between the app and the game. This one is 1000x better. Just upload the image and BAM there are the best words WITH scoring factored in. I don't always cheat at LetterPress, but when I do I choose Letter Helper.

I use this all the time

Makes it easy to find the best words to play

Best letterpress cheat!

I have the other free letterpress cheater apps. This one is just better. Feels more polished.

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